Who we are.

Elegant Choices provides our customers with the finest in bathroom
and kitchen cabinet refacing training and all needed materials 365 days a year.
We are located in Rochester, NY and doing business all over the country.
Elegant Choices offers all our customers a chance to start their own business to help
their future customers achive a fresh new look without the mess and expense
of demolition or replacement.





Production Manager



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We provide all the materials you need for cabinet refacing. Our competitive prices will help you succeed in your future business.


We provide all the training you need. With our proffesional team you will quickly learn most efficient way for cabinet refacing.

Business Opportunity

We provide all things needed for success. From web presence to accounting you will have great resources to start your own cabinet refacing business.


Leo Burnett once said: “Help your customers and you help your business.” We are commited to your succeess in your cabinet refacing business.

What you can do with Elegant Choices

1 There are many ways to achieve the fresh, new look your customers want in their bathroom, kitchen, home office, garage, or guest room, all with their own pros and cons. Remodeling is a great way to get an updated new look for your customer's kitchen, but a complete renovation isn’t necessary to attain a fresh, new look. You can help the, achieve a modern, magazine-worthy aesthetic through the simple process of kitchen cabinet refacing.

2 Why go through the clutter and confusion of ripping out an entire bank of cabinets in someone's bathroom, garage, or kitchen, possibly ruining a wall, causing damage to plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and trim work, when you can simply and easily get the look your customer wants through cabinet refacing, and for a lot less money than it takes to do a complete overhaul? Since the front of the cabinets is what people see when they are in a kitchen, cabinet refacing makes sense.

3 You can revitalize your customer's rooms with cabinet refacing. Many homes with older kitchens can be transformed with this simple process, and it can be done in a matter of two to three days, without disrupting your activities or impeding their ability to live in their home while the process is completed. A lot easier than having your construction crew ripping out cabinets, and all the mess and stress that comes along with that process, cabinet refacing gives your customer the chance to get what amounts to a whole new room, without breaking their wallet or kicking anybody out of their home.

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